Wednesday, June 19, 2019

President Trump Rally in Orlando, Florida: OFFICIAL 2020 CAMPAIGN LAUNCH



Will there be a a KING TRUMP VERSION of the HOLY BIBLE soon?

I've been paying close attention to the TRUMP #MAGA JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CHURCH MOVEMENT and find that the USA may be headed for a STATE RELIGION with President Trump as the man of God leading the nation into Heaven's Agenda:

This is rather complicated to explain but there are many leading so-called CHRISTIAN EVANGELICAL LEADERS in the USA that are heralding President Trump as anointed by God or 'the ma of God' or 'the Trumpet of God.'  Some examples of leading evangelicals for Trump include Reverend Paula White-Cain and the Prophet Mark Taylor along with Reverend Franklin Graham who is also in league himself with Reverend Paula White.  It almost looks like Paula White in her red dress is taking the place of the late Reverend Billy Graham.  I think she might as well do it.

Nevertheless there is a new movement going on here and it is all mixed together as a mixed multitude of American pride, financial prosperity, success, and winning, with a little God and Jesus thrown in for good measure and some rock songs like "Sympathy for the Devil" being played between speakers at this rally to keep the Christians in tune with God and the Devil or Lucifer all at the same time.  It's quite a mix to watch:

Can anyone discern the times we are in?