Monday, June 24, 2019

Brother Deon joins Pastor Dowell's STRAITWAY CULT of YAH and the YISRAELITES



*****Men of YAH******

Another gang of HEBREW ISRAELITES in Tennessee on the compound with Pastor Dowell.  They don't like to give their names of course but they allude to being a former Green Bay Packer or some kind of important sports figure one way or another.  

These niggas are rising everywhere now either with the GMS ISRAELITE cult or another form of HEBREW ISRAELITE such as this keeping all manner of fest days and the law of Moses and making many proselytes and more children of hell like themselves.

People are rising everywhere wresting the scriptures to their own destruction and many are folliwing their pernicious ways:

These are supposed to the REAL MEN or MEN OF YAH.  Pastor Dowell managed to leave his old cult of Prophet R.G. Stair a long time ago and start his own cult in Tennessee.  We're going to see soon how this all works out for those who are in bondage to the law of Moses and have not had their veil taken away in Christ Jesus.  They are going to find out that they are going about establishing their own righteousness and have not submitted unto the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.