Sunday, April 14, 2019

We have a MAD MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE; We need Pete Buttigieg and his husband

*****GET HIM OUT*****

President Donald Trump


We need a NEW NORMAL in America:

There's so much WHITE HOT HATRED for  President Trump and the Trump Administration that any day now the headlines may ring with REMOVAL or something worse.  If you want President Trump removed the right way you better be ready to vote for whoever the Democrat Party nominates for the 2020 ELECTION coming soon:

Right now President Trump and the Trump Administration is being treated as some kind of holy men of God that have their Savior President Trump as if he's leading a group of disciples and apostles to usher in the kingdom of God upon America.  A large group of EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS has been almost worshiping Trump as if he's God and call him THE TRUMPET and have all manner of HOLY BOOKS about him and various prophets such as Mark Taylor and Qanon who prophesy regularly regarding the current conditions of the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION:

There a chose being given by the #MAGA JUDEO-CHRISTIAN TRUMP CHURCH to the rest of America and that is you are either on their side or you are with the RADICAL LEFT. Nothing could be farther from the truth:

Vote Pete Buttigieg who is a Christian had shares his faith regularly to the nation.  America needs to be transformed into this new enlightenment and new paradigm where we have UNITY IN DIVERSTY and PEACE & SAFETY & JUSTICE FOR ALL: