Thursday, April 25, 2019

Walmart to take the lead in the ANGUS BEEF INDUSTRY and MORE....

*****Walmart FEMA FOOD?*****

Walmart developing its own ANGUS BEEF SUPPLY CHAIN:

Where's the BEEF?

It will be at Walmart

Is Walmart preparing for something?

Watch now as Walmart keeps competitive prices on MEAT and takes out any remaining grocery stores.  We will end up with Costco and Walmart.  Other than that maybe you'll order food delivered by drone from Amazon also.  UPS and FDX are going to go out of business in short order:

Some have said in the past that Walmart stores aree actually FEMA CAMPS and have MEMORANDUMS OF UNDERSTANDING with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  I heard this a few years back while chatting with various Walmart employees across the USA but you don't hear much about it anymore.  Nobody talks much anymore since they have been dumbed-down into our new anti-social intelligent technology that has taken over many minds: