Monday, April 8, 2019

Crypto-Wizard Jsnip4 PEEPING & MUTTERING about HIS GUY

******CRYPTO CON ARTIST Jsnip4*****



Where are the women?

Just sayin'

Crypto-Psychic Michelle Whitedove just became Jsnip4's competition and got her own PATREON ACCOUNT.  She was tired of him making all the profits on BITCOIN, LITECOIN and other CRYPTO CALLS.  Smart woman!  You might as well give credit where credit is due for sure.  Michelle Whitedove doesn't even need Jsnip4 anymore:

Look at these CRYPTO-CHUGGERS looking for more ways to take your money for their services:

Michelle Whitedove got smart.  She wised up after doing the math with Jsnip4 and his at least $9,000 EARNINGS PER MONTH on PATREON for his CRYPTO SERVICES.  He was actually using Michelle Whitedove and now she's his competition: 



  1. I wouldn't be able to ride 30 minutes in a car with that dude...just saying

  2. @TNU...The world is a complete mess. It creates a plethora of opportunity...just saying


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