Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Valentine's Day message from Pastor Leah Svensson

God's Love Letter To YOU!

by Pastor Leah Svensson

THE RESISTANCE CHICKS Leah & Michelle are working together to spread the love of God as good TRUMP #MAGA CHURCH WOMEN especially now since our country is heading into the promised land of the kingdom of God according to prophets Kim Clement (who went to be with the Lord) and Mark Taylor:


  1. Valentine's Day is an occasion to show your love, make an offer and maybe have sex for the first time. If the guy is nervous, he can buy a blue pill so that the penis does not let him down at the right moment.

  2. I cannot find you and Michelle on social media. Sending best wishes for your good health, happiness and prosperity... Look forward to finding you again soon my friend.