Saturday, January 26, 2019

St. Louis Metropolitan Police kill one of their own policewomen in a strange threesome


*****WITH EACH OTHER?*****


No doubt there's a TRUE STORY behind the story:

Policewoman Kaylyn Alix is now dead:

She was killed by Officer Nathaniel Hendren:

What was a married policewoman doing off duty with two male cops?  Playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE?

But Nathaniel Hendren was a good man too and also served in the Marines in Afghanistan:

So then, a U.S. Army veteran and a U.S. Navy veteran get together as cops to play RUSSIAN ROULETTE?  Maybe it was a result of some kind of PTSD?

According to the reports two male police officers go to one of the officer's apartment to meet up with an off duty rookie policewoman Katlyn Alix (who was married) to hang around on the couch and play Russian Roulette. Maybe they got sick of playing STRIP POKER? Or maybe the Devil and Satan showed up with more devils?   

Whatever happened there there's a TRUE STORY behind the story and it shows the total depravity of man today and how things are getting much worse.  You can't trust anyone including the police to exercise any good judgment in today's culture of chaos.