Thursday, January 10, 2019

If a CIVIL WAR BREAKS OUT, who's side am I on you ask? I'm on the common sense side


*****A BIG IF*****

I'm backing THE BADGE if SHTF:

I want to be on GOD'S SIDE...

...and GOD ordains AUTHORITY even if you don't like it...

Who is on the Lord's side...?

People show their opinions now and then as to what's going on in the USA and where they think we are heading.  Or they just might be baiting me to find out where I stand.  Well let's take a look at where I stand:

Are we heading into some kind of crippling conflict?  Or are we just heading into political quagmire? A cultural and social quagmire?  Or major civil unrest with martial law?  Maybe an ALL OF THE ABOVE SHTF scenario coupled with economic collapse? It could be any number of things.

Whatever is coming for the USA and how this nation is transformed into THE NEW WORLD ORDER I'm going to try my best to avoid direct physical contact.  If it comes down to some kind of NATIONAL EMERGENCY then you can read my response to this person below and figure it out:

And you can call me any name you want because that's where I stand:

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  1. this might be all right if and only if they defend the people ,all people . otherwise they work for the rich, and if you're not, just like the present ,they will kill you to.