Monday, January 28, 2019

Hebrew Israelite Kahtriel Ben Yisrael speaks on FOX NEWS concerning GMS HEBREW ISRAELITES

*****Concerning GMS Hebrew Israelites*****

*****Concerning Hebrew Israelites*****


Kahtriel Ben Yisrael must be some kind of elder in the Hebrew Israelite movement but we are not quite certain where he really stands.  But as you listen to this interview NOTICE CAREFULLY how the GMS HEBREW ISRAELITES have certain rights and privileges compared to the Covington Catholic High School students:

Kahtriel Ben Yisrael explains that it was the STYLE of the GMS Hebrew Israelites in Washington D.C. to lash out at the Catholic high school students and call them names such as:

  • "dusty ass crackers"
  • "incest babies"
  • "child molesters"
  • "faggots"
  • "school shooters"
So Kahtriel Ben Yisrael says the story of the students vs. the Hebrew Israelies was slanted. Did he actually watch the video?

Kahtriel Ben Yisrael explains this is not a RELIGION it is a NATIONALITY and they have been in captivity for over 400 years and have been denied their heritage and their land in Israel.  Prophecy says they will return to their land from the scattered places that they have been sent.  They are in churches and in mosques too and they know their roots but ethnically and nationally they are from the nation of Israel.

They don't have a problem with Americans wearing #MAGA HATS and he further explains the slavery of the American Indian Nathan Phillips and how he had a right to get into the face of Nick Sandmann and other students who were waiting at the Lincoln memorial in a group for a bus after they took part in an abortion protest.  

Now that this man in the interview below revealed that HEBREW ISRAELITES are in churches and mosques too across America you might be able to clearly see why these may be accurately considered an ISIS 2.0 OF SORTS and need to be watched closely for their attacks on Edomites (White people) which was not mentioned in the interview below:

Some Hebrew Israelite History and a leader named Ben Ammi Ben-Israel who was also connected with Louis Farrakhan.  Very interesting history lesson on what's going on here for anyone who wished to know.  Looks like the Nation of Islam (led by Louis Farrakhan and the Hebrew Israelite Nation have some close relationships.  Now we have various sects including these GMS HEBREW ISRAELITES who are the ones at large here in America, Canada and other countries and are breathing out threats and accusations against White people they call "Edomites." 

Ben Ammi Ben Yisrael (or Ben Ammi Ben Israel) is another great spiritual leader of this now somewhat divided sect:

Other modern day leaders have ties to this including Yahwah Ben Yahwah, Monte Judah, and Pastor Dowell...there's much more and this is now beginning to surface across the USA.  More people have also left the Chrsitian churches and have been transformed at first into Messianic Christians and now this complex NATION OF ISRAEL or HEBREW ISRAELITES:

Pastor Dowell explains what it means to be an Israelite.  He is an Hebrew Israelite of another sect:

Their teachings make documentaries and movies further brainwashing a large part of the Black community:

Kanye West is a Hebrew Israelite...

I wonder if Kanye West is contemplating PREMEDITATED MURDER on EDOMITES (White people)?