Friday, January 11, 2019

God's Little Acre Homestead: With Michelle Svensson

*****Resistance Chicks UPDATE*****

God's Little Acre Homestead

Where the God of America dwells


A Biblical Environment and true American Heritage:

This is one of the last plantations in America where God dwells.  Jam everything into ONE ACRE where there's a creek that sheds contaminated runoff water through the property and act like everything you grow and do is some kind of ORGANIC LIFESTYLE.  

The amount of road debris runoff is enough to make you sick if you have a garden of vegetables being watered by gas, oil, tar, local dog shit, treated CHEM LAWN chemicals, and other pesticides from neighbors would be enough of a health concern for me.  But God is there with Pastor Leah to watch over the place and their souls.

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