Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Derek Broes of GLOBAL WITNESS Exposed by Laurie Hill

*****MARK THEM...*****

Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
-ROMANS 16.17

Derek Broes of Global Witness


Laurie Hill

PEOPLE ARE BEING DECEIVED by GLOBAL WITNESS and Derek Broes.  Also don't forget Broes' pal Jeffrey Daugherty who used to be an Assembly of God pastor:

Looks like Derek Broes takes his NAG HAMADDI SCRIPTURE, his FALSE TEACHINGS, his FALSE GOSPEL, and HIS MINISTRY FROM HELL seriously.  He takes it so seriously in fact that he likes to threaten lawsuits and so forth against people that expose him.

Here's a woman who had some kind of bad experience with GLOBAL WITNESS and Derek Broes:


  1. Thank you for posting this... I have also finished a video on yt sharing research regarding the accusations against Derek Broes, calling him a gnostic luciferian.

  2. The video you have posted above was an update to a video I did with Real Talk with the Cummings exposing the back story of Witness In the Desert. They have since flipped out and are Derekites. I had been listening to Derek off and on and thought that the Witness in the Desert event Nov 28 2018 would be an interesting to watch, which ended up as an encounter with the Feds at Monument Valley. I started investigating and was shocked at the information we discovered.

    1. Derek is very dangerous and his teachings are sick. He has broken up many families and has hurt woman. What he did in Monument Valley was so wrong. He did not have permission from the elders like he told everyone. He thinks he is the "white man" in the Hopi prophecy that will deliver the new religion of the Rainbow Tribe. He is dangerous. I pray his so called "followers" wake up.

  3. Hello. I came across this site, through another site an am here. I accidentally came across someone called Jeffrey Daugherty in search of finding out if this guy's an antichrist supporter, non believer, or just simply confused. Here am I. So who are these guys? Are they all connected somehow? What is the deal with all this? Anyways; just looking for updated info on who these people are and what are they truly saying or believing. Interested on what this is all about. Thanks.

  4. Beware of Derek Broes. His "Ego" is off the charts. He has stolen from Jerree French and her husband. He also did unmentionable things to women. Jerree French has tried to tell her story but no one will listen. He is darkness.

  5. Hi, I would be willing to speak with Jerree French. Look me up on youtube by clicking on the video above. I have made other videos about Derek Broes.

  6. Haha Jerree French was a stalker. She is crazy and was cheating on her husband. Jerree is a week minded individual and Derek was the victim in that case.

  7. What I had thought was a merely somewhat acerbic discussion about the Afghanistan war turned into an event where he inboxed me threatening my life. He later commented to me that he was "only joking" after I had reported him to the authorities.


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