Sunday, January 27, 2019

African Hebrew Israelites rising up across the USA: The next ISIS 2.0

*****African Hebrew Israelites*****

*****GMS Hebrew Israelites*****

*****The ISIS 2.0 of the USA*****

*****Death to Edomites (White People)*****

This group is a rapidly rising and coordinated group which now calls themselves by several titles and at times are even at odds with one another.  Watch how they behave themselves on the streets of America although now they are being more careful as they made the news with the Covington High School students and Native American Indian recently in Washington D.C.

These thugs are calling for "Death to Edomites" who are the WHITE PEOPLE and then they even call WHITE PEOPLE as RED PEOPLE.  But they breathing out some real racist threats and insults against a group of high school students from Kentucky was well received by the majority of Americans today who have turned into raging brute beasts and are ever increasing unto more ungodliness:

I'm warning We the People that this is THE ISIS 2.0 OF AMERICA.  They will soon start some real trouble across the USA:  They are no doubt being briefed by their elders to be very careful now how they present themselves but you can see the rank hate and the classification of White people as EDOMITES and how they want "DEATH TO THE EDOMITES."

We're not a MILITANT ISRAELITE GROUP?  Oh really?