Monday, September 24, 2018

TRUMP is the Antichrist: Christians Testify!

*****666 WATCH*****

President Trump is the Antichrist

There is a spirit about Trump that is spreading and it is being called "Christian"...

THE TRUMP #MAGA CHURCH is rising rapidly...

In this video it is being reported that President Trump is causing people to follow him and those that do are transformed into a spirit of antichrist themselves:

They confirm that those who choose Trump their whole nature and character change. It's as if they receive a mark of Trump and follow him like a god.  They become unkind, mean spirited, angry, and lash out on any other Christian who don't become followers of President Trump and the TRUMP #MAGA CHURCH. 

The Christian Evangelical prosperity preachers are not only following President Trump but they are also causing many to flow into the Trump Movement in a very cult like fashion: