Thursday, September 27, 2018

Prophet and man of God Mark Taylor on THE TRUMP PROPHECIES


The KINGDOM OF GOD is coming

President Donald Trump is "God's man"

President Donald Trump is the man who God has chosen to lead America into a new age of prosperity and blessings and to recover this nation from the snares of the deep state.  Evil men in high places who have damaged the USA over the years will now face the judgment of God as God speaks prophetic utterances to Prophet Mark Taylor from Orlando, Florida.

There is a NEW WORLD CHRISTIAN ORDER also rising with the TRUMP #MAGA CHURCH and Christians are waking up not only here in the USA but also worldwide as the kingdom of God is now coming and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit gains momentum with Christians worldwide:

Also do not forget to include WOMEN as the NEW WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT that Jesus Christ started a long time ago also gains momentum by the power of the Holy Spirit and all manner of anointing and spiritual blessings in the TRUMP #MAGA CHRISTIAN CHURCH MOVEMENT:

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  1. Pretty sure you're making fun of Mark you should. The guy is a bafoon. I get the sense that he can't believe people are still buying his b.s