Sunday, September 9, 2018

God tells Chris Holman to leave YOU TUBE and SOCIAL MEDIA

*****Time to say GOODBYE*****


God told him to SHUT IT DOWN!

About 6:30 A.M. E.D.T. Chris Holman woke up from a deep sleep. God spoke to him, and under God's direction he's shutting down ALL OF HIS SOCIAL MEDIA but he will leave his YOU TUBE media up.  But this is his LAST VIDEO as God has a new direction for his life:

God had a message for himself and for others yesterday also...

"This is me 'unplugging.' I am to be focused on the word of God and in prayer...I wish I could do this longer but God has other plans-great, great, plans..."

Chris Holman

Furthermore Chris Holman indicated that he was heading for the ministry.   No doubt he is headed for the Roman Catholic Church and may become a "FATHER."

Father Chris Holman...?...



  1. Dave, Holman's whole message was directed to the resistance chicks...he was just saying what he thought they would like to hear. They sent him packing... and now he's heartbroken

  2. That message is totally directed towards resistance it like jr high

  3. The resistance chicks are man eaters. Holman thought he could go in there and win their hearts. Even called the FBI on you, trying to gain favor. Only tohavto them chew him up and spit him out. He's a mess. I don't think he's hearing from god. Pretty sure he is not.

  4. Wish you would go live again this evening... working all day but would like to engage in the conversation.

  5. The resistance chicks were probably abused at a young age, or their Mom was.

    1. They said so in a recent video. You are correct.


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