Monday, September 10, 2018

Bitcoin Ben and Jsnip4 Babbling about Bitcoin and Crypto Currency


With Bitcoin Ben and Jsnip4

The Bitcoin Babblers

Especially Bitcoin Ben or "Bit Con Man Ben"

Listen to this TRIPE! 

From THE WORLD CRYPTO NETWORK to all the rest of the BITCOIN BABBLERS such as Andy Hoffman, Bitcoin Ben, Jsnip4, Bix Weir, Clif High, and others....all you have here is a bunch of babblers babbling about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  This is the most absurd category of economics and finance ever attempted by these truthers and patriots after the gold and silver scam flamed out in 2011.  

So what is their next hobbyhorse beside Bitcoin and cryptos?  It is certainly seeking familiar spirits and promoting doctrines of devils with psychics and remote viewers and regular reports from Lily Dale, Michelle Whitedove, and other peeping and muttering wizards.  

Some say Bitcoin Ben lost his mind and Jsnip4 lost his day job already.  But somehow they keep fleecing their group of sheep on YOU TUBE to buy into their videos and also buy whatever crap Jsnip4 promotes in his LINKS.

Watch the BITCOIN CON MEN BABBLE away with their nonsense...