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Friday, September 7, 2018

Are Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and Jerome Corsi MOSSAD AGENTS?


*****Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone SUBPOENAED...*****

*****Mossad intel agents exposed by Qanon*****

*****Is Trump draining the SWAMP of TRUTHERS & PATRIOTS?*****

*****SHTF!  BIG TIME!*****

Erin T. Scott explains these recent findings:


Qanon is revealing that Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi are linked to Mossad and foreign intel agency...?....

What this could mean:

This entire CIRCUS of TRUTHERS & PATRIOTS is likely under investigation for massive criminal conspiracy and dissemination of fake news and who knows what else.  But this is very deep and it may be that the Trump Administration is about to drain the swamp of these FAKE NEWS TRUTHERS & PATRIOTS also soon.  They may be all pro-Trump #MAGA right now but their tune will soon change as this administration changes the entire scope of the U.S. GOVERNMENT due to a major resistance rising in the White House and an attempt at a coup leading to impeachment of President Donald Trump.  Trouble is coming!  

We now have a huge controversy along with conspiracy rooted in this large movement of TRUTHERS & PATRIOTS, every aspect of their activities and all their subjects may eventually face criminal charges as investigations reveal a possible joint conspiracy that could constitute as mutiny against the Trump Administration by their actions...


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