Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Tommy Robinson Story or TRUTHER & PATRIOT PSYOP: What's the truth?

*****Who's Tommy Robinson?*****

*****What kind of POLICE STATE is in the UK?*****

You won't find the TRUTH in the ALT NEWS...

You'll find more FAKE NEWS

So who is this Tommy Robinson?


From the Resistance Chicks, to Chris Holman, to Hagmann Report, to INFOWARS and more, this new Tommy Robinson story seems like a bunch of FAKE NEWS and some kind of new hobbyhorse psyop.  

We will attempt to find the TRUTH IN THE NEWS on this either way:

Something is going on in the UK with ISIS and PEDOPHILA and other very evil and pernicious things going on that are being put on some kind of gag order by the powers that be. Apparently you cannot talk about anything in regards to ISIS, PEDOPHILIA, CHILD TRAFFICKING, and other activities.  

I will be searching the ALT NEWS on this with the realization that you can't trust them other than to be less than honest:

British patriots are pushing back against their government’s decision to jail activist Tommy Robinson for simply demonstrating and reporting on a Muslim sex abuse trial.