Sunday, May 6, 2018

Jsnip4 Crypto-Cult WATCH: He's no longer a HODLer of Litecoin

Jsnip4 changing his tune

But he still wants a NEW TESLA MODEL X

Buy Michelle Whitedove Report for $99 in LTC:

...and be sure to buy all those CRYPTO-PSYCHIC SHITCOINS too:

Jsnip4 plans to sell LITECOIN now at $200

What happened to the $1,400 and $3,000 LTC psychic and remote viewing forecasts?

Things sure are changing with the dying crypto market now...

With the truthers and patriots now we have all sorts of chaos and confusion with cryptocurrencies and all manner of scamming and pumping and dumping.  Every one of these truthers and patriots (except for maybe Chris Duane) has sold out to Bitcoin and these cryptocurrencies and has demonstrated themselves to be extremely less than honest anymore.  It is a sad ending but it certainly demonstrates who the enemies of America really are:

I notice that Jsnip4 took his LIVE VIDEO down from yesterday.  He had so many bad calls on there I guess he just had to scrap it.  What's next?  More pumping the "PEEPS?" 


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