Tuesday, May 8, 2018

German YOU TUBE Creep is Confederate with the Resistance Chicks


The enemies of America both foreign and domestic:

But they are PRO-TRUMP

I guess that makes them all OK

Here's the type of guy that the Resistance Chicks like to listen to:

Listen to Michelle Svensson express her interest for The News UNIT to talk to this "SoWhat?" YOU TUBE personality.  

This is all very strange as our own Americans gravitate toward these enemies of America...

This guy is so hard to understand but he seems to like to RAGE on about The News UNIT:


Did Michelle Svensson get her wish?  I hope she's happy now:
I tried to get on his YOU TUBE channel but he couldn't invite me so I had him on mine for you.  The guy makes no sense but I'm glad you are all cozy with these enemies of America:

The Chris Holman MILITIA

He's protecting the Resistance Chicks

Chris Holman a devout Roman Catholic man of integrity and also a U.S. ARMY Veteran who served in Afghanistan blasts The News UNIT over the Resistance Chicks.  He categorizes The News UNIT as the worst of men and an extraordinary failure in a recent video:

Is this guy an OATH OF ENLISTMENT VIOLATOR?  I'm wondering if he really upholds the U.S. CONSTITUTION...?...


The News UNIT recently examined this controversy:

I find it unusual that I am called a "TROLL."  By the way what is a TROLL?  It's a new term used by many in social media.  I never knew I was such:


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