Monday, May 21, 2018

Fellowship with Christians is impossible as virtual reality takes over



We are in the EVIL DAY now

NEXT comes the man of sin the son of perdition...and more to follow...

Woe unto you who turn from the word of God unto fables...

Pastor Charles Lawson tries to explain a SHOTGUN and AR-15 in his recent sermon. When God gives you a sermon you would think he knows the difference.   Are these men really prepared to speak what God has given them?  I'm beginning to wonder about it even more now and I doubt that these men are men of God after all.  

At time I appreciate some of the messages that Pastor Charles Lawson preaches but at the same time there is a famine for the word of God all around including and not limited to his church.  Even listening to Charles Lawson tell people that God gives him what to preach is concerning especially when his message lacks a substantial amount of the word of God.  If God is speaking to men such as Lawson I'm wondering about God lately.  Has God lost it?  What is wrong with God today?  Is God more interested in admonishing the state of the USA and the U.S. CONSTITUTION?  Perhaps God needs a little push back to his word instead of all this vain jangling? I thought God magnifies his word above his name and we are to PREACH THE WORD?  Has something changed?

Alleged Christians are in a very bad state right now as a mixed multitude of unity in diversity and I'm grieved and very angry over it.  And do you think God might be angry about it?  God is angry with the wicked every day:  And I'm going to stay angry about it too whether anyone likes it or not.  The Lord knoweth them that are his. I care not for the heretics. Even so, come Lord Jesus.