Tuesday, May 8, 2018

American Pastor Andrew Brunson to Remain in Turkish Prison

*****Christian Persecution in Turkey*****

It's NOT SAFE to be a Christian Missionary

The Turks will put you in jail for Jesus

Is that really what this case is all about?

Christian Missionary to Turkey, Pastor Andrew Brunson could be the catalyst to start WORLD WAR III if Turkey does not release him.

U.S. Lawmakers are working diligently to facilitate his release however it does not appear that the U.N. or Turkey is cooperating with this case...

The exact details of this case are not reported here and I would like to know more.  Did Pastor Andrew Brunson really go to jail for being a Christian missionary?

U.S. LEGAL TEAM and ACLJ trying to help Pastor Brunson..

Brunson is charged with TERRORISM & ESPIONAGE...



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