Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Your BLACK WORLD: Islam: Farrakhan: Being a Pimp and a Minister of Christ all in one



Cultural Diversity Training Lesson

*****The USA in DISTRESS with PERPLEXITY*****

What's going on with the BLACK CULTURE?

Loads of WHITE WOMEN (they call 'hoes') in the BLACK CULTURE...

We certainly have DIVERSITY in the USA

And some very threatening conditions

Any questions now that we have a nation in DISTRESS WITH PERPLEXITY?

We have a MIXED MULTITUDE across America and you really expect this CULTURE OF CHAOS to exhibit some sort of UNITY IN DIVERSITY?  Really!

Anyone looking at what's going on across America today.  THE GAME is huge here and is running our economy.  You think you're safe from this?  Your daughters and sons?  Get educated and furthermore get the real Jesus not the false Christ.

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