Monday, March 12, 2018

What dem Niggas doin? Chargin deez hoes! Oh, much much more dan dat!

****THE GAME*****

How to P dem bitches:

Ask Sin Ful about The Game:

Yung P's learning how to P:

Most niggas are a bunch of squares.

Stay blessed!

[finders, knocked by a bitch, bitches, hoes, pimps, niggas, trickin', da penitentiary, knocked, prison, prostitution, blacks, whites, tattooed bitch, God, blessings, pastors, bros, evangelist, Jesus, church, haters, fuck, 5 of dem things ($5,000), keep strivin', back page, your boy, homme, keepin it movin, axe, Muslim, Christian, Islam, games, preside over them, study, on the edge, down for me, gambling, casino, dancers, scientology, rules, holiness, Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, Church of Christ, Apostles, Bishops, preside over her, breaking the mold, black men, Christian black men, team player, unction, Holy Bible, brethren, fornicating, authentic to the faith, scripture,the game, authentic, Koran, Quran, God, presiding over a woman for a lifetime, relationship, sex, oral sex, acknowledge God, be serious with God, continuity of participating, abstaining from fornicating, respect, Christianity has nothing to do with God, be real, GMS, Israelites, faith, salvation, true holiness, Torah, new covenant, old covenant, Yashuah, YAHAWEH, my sheep, my congregation, ]

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