Sunday, March 4, 2018

Time to buy some CRYPTO "THETA" says the CRYPTO-PSYCHICS

Jsnip4 pumps THETA:



Notice:  Where's Trader Boss lately?

The 2018 predictions never came to pass

This is a PUMP & DUMP of the utmost proportions and is also using divination and familiar spirits of pyschic mediums to foretell the future crypto-investments.  The YOU TUBE MAFIA is working hard behind the scenes.  We just hope that there are honest people in the SEC and other agencies watching this activity:

You've been duped to believe anything regarding Litecoin (LTC) from these pumpers.  Right now that crypto currency market has cratered into an enormous trap of deadwood and no trade is the best trade right now as the market cap of all these coins is well below $700 BILLION.  

There is no money coming into this market right now save for a few pumps and their related dumps.  THE YOU TUBE and CRYPTO CURRENCY MAFIA are working together to try their best at roping in unwary investors into their traps.  Don't fall for any of it!

This market is about to sell violently again at any moment:

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