Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sean Turnbull INTERVIEWS Deborah Tavares


Deborah Tavares

INTERVIEW:  Sean Turnbull of "SGT REPORT" interviews Deborah Tavares of

[Hell on Earth, Sons of Liberty, INFLATION US, National Inflation Association, Daniel Ameduri, You Tube, Google, censorship, conspiracy, mafia, gold, silver, crypto currency, Bitcoin, Jsnip4, Lynette Zang, truthers, patriots, Ron Paul, activism, alternative media, Federal Reserve, U.S. Dollar, financial collapse, sound money, U.S. Constitution, God, country, weather underground, Larry David Grathwohl, Bill Ayers, Deborah Tavares,, frequency systems, 5G, cell phone system, electromagnetic radiation, EMF, Emergency Banking Act 1933, President Roosevelt, suspension of gold standard, nominal Federal Government, United Nations, IMF, World Bank, lawyers in Washington D.C., Emergency War Powers, President Trump, District Attorney, oath of office, enemies of America, gun control, gun confiscation, dictatorial control, agencies of Executive Branch, Annual NATIONAL EMERGENCY, common law, due process, public opinion, talk shows, mainstream media, genocide, statutes, ordinances, corporate law, America's sovereignty destroyed, conspiracy theorists, families, male, female, LGBTQIA, currency, Bitcoin, coin money, Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, genocidal program,, Population Engineering and The Fight Against Climate Change, reducing green house gas emissions, gas, crude oil, natural gas, fuel, fossil fuels, energy conservation, coal, Wall Street, markets, futures, HFT algorithms, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, word of God, climate change, population reduction, chemtrails, infirtility, Michelle Whitedove, Lily Dale, Psychics, mediums, divination, high places, population reduction, population engineering, weather warfare, consumption, waste, renewable energy, funding, etiological,
economy, homelessness, homeless, migration, immigrants, Muslims, Islam, ISIS, Mexico, illegal immigrants, South Africa land takeover, global greenhouse gas emissions,wealthy population areas, North America, Europe, fertility reduction, global population, save the planet, Resilient Cities Program, responsive to weather catastrophes, apartment towers unoccupied, climate refugees, new cities, thought control cyber cages, New Orleans, CIA backed predictive policing technology, 2012, New Orleans test area, emerging cities, Palantir Technologies (DATA MINING FIRM), blockchain, predicting which people are likely victims of violence, predictive technology, mental health, New Orleans Mayor, cyber-cages, FEMA CAMPS no longer needed, WalMart, cooking our brains, RF ENERGY, antennas, transmitters, wireless data, CIA, FBI, NSA, CDC, DHS, U.S Marines, Air Force, Special Operations Command, resiliency, infrastructure (i.e. frequencies, thought control, predictive programming, jamming immune system, cellular makeup), Rockefeller Foundation, building resilience, sharing best practices, leading by example, mental health training, mind fucking, Clinton Global Initiative, non-profit, American Institute For Architecture, strategic planning, capital investments, Wall Street, stocks, northern California, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, fires, early warning system, cameras, surveillance, viewing range 150 miles, infrared, 24/7 365 day operation, stored on the cloud/Google, weather weapons, plan to burn up northern California exposed, You Tube, censorship, Google, thought police, global expansion, entrapment, total mind control, elimination of self-will, cooking humanity, frequency killing, symptoms, irregular heart rhythm, sleep problems, suicide, visual distortions, feeling unwell, unhappy, problems, loss of appetite, auditory problems, and difficult decision making, confusion, flickering, dizziness, mania, FCC, 5G, money, elimination of people, slow cooking human tissue, silent weapons system, gang stalking, horrors of 5G and frequency warfare,]

I knew they were getting ready for their next hobbyhorse.  Gold and silver are done and now Bitcoin is done so next it's more clever conspiracy reports and sensationalism...

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