Wednesday, March 21, 2018


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  1. PeopleTV

    Parkland Survivor Dylan Kraemer Shares Horror Of Classmates Being Massacred Next To Him -

    Parkland Survivor-Turned-Activist David Hogg: Now Is Our One And Only Chance To Stand Up -

    Mother Of Parkland Victim & School Safety Advocate: 'Teachers Should Not Have Guns' -

    Parkland Survivor Erika Koines Describes Harrowing Texts With Her Sister During Massacre -

    Parkland Student Maia Hebron On Survivor’s Guilt: ‘It’s Unreal...To Keep On Living’ -

    Parkland Survivor Eden Hebron Feared School Massacre Was Her ‘Last Minutes Of Life’ -

    Parkland Survivor Emily Burke: ‘We Bring Our Memories’ To Celebrate Friend They Lost -

    Why are they trying so hard to convice us of what they say happened and how to feel about it?


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