Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Men and Fathers are a Dying Relic Now

Where are all the men?

Are there any left?


  1. Where are the men? Well, definitely not on Fox News. Are there any left? Yes, I think there are some men left.

    But many never came to be and instead became...

    ...rappers, crisis actors, gamers and lamers, gamblers, nonsense babblers, hipsters and tipsters, transgenders and money lenders, feminists and communists, progressives, depressives, sports junkies, wearin' beanies, sippin' starbucks, faggot ass cucks, dope fiends, disinfo machines, habitually intoxicated, incarcerated, financially eviscerated, effeminate, jesuit, pimps and chimps, yuppies and zombies, users, abusers, libtards, crpyto diehards, pumpers and dumpers, keepin' it PC, stalkin' Charlie Lee, socialists, crypto tits, rapists and globalists, buddhists and nudists, sadists, occultists, masons, Satan's minions, fraternal, deceitful, rent seekers, drug dealers, comrades and deadbeat dads, weaboos, what the fuck is wrong wit you...

  2. Buddy boy says we just need to grow a pair -


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