Thursday, March 15, 2018

HUGE NEWS coming from Jsnip4: BUT HE CAN'T TELL IT YET

This RED MARKET is meaningless

says Jsnip4

He will wipe his rear end with it

"...Oh my God it's $8,000 BITCOIN! Oh my God Joe I thought it was ending! What I'm going to share with you that's not even going to matter.  You're going to absolutely die! You're going to die when I tell you.  When I'm dying to tell you; and I can't tell you right now.  And then when I tell you it I'll tell you why I couldn't tell you it and it will make perfect sense why I couldn't tell you it..."

"...I think I know something with huge certainty and it changes everything. Doesn't really change it because I think we knew where cryptos were going anyways..."

"...tomorrow...hopefully I get a certain Email or whatever and then I can proceed to tell you immediately.  You're going to love this!..."

" will beg and plead with the crypto-gods 'give us those prices again'..."

-Jsnip4, Crypto-psychic Guru

Look at this!  It's time to wipe your rear end with this crypto currency market.  Let it go to ZERO but KEEP ON HODLING of course!  So what's next?  He can't tell you but be sure it is going to be great!  Think and grow rich with Jsnip4!

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