Monday, March 5, 2018


*****It's "woo woo" time*****

It's Amanda and Joe

The Jsnip4 Crypto Worship Team

God must be calling them to the minstry!

Or is it the god of the Cryptosphere?

Time to load up on THETA TOKEN:


Even Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove talks about Jesus, God and spirituality.  And so Amanda prays and so look what begins to happen.  It's time to see the next generation of star children being born as God helps us get through this special time.

We learned in a recent article by Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove the following great doctrines of her spiritual enlightenment and may even learn more through remote viewing:

Right now, due to the state of chaos on our planet there’s a lesser amount of souls that want to spend a lifetime here and God is strictly limiting the souls allowed. From this point, the beginning of 2018; I Predict that infertility will be at a new all-time high.

But here is the good news: there’s one last group of babies that are being born, they are Star Seeds or Star Children. This group is the last hope for humanity as we have known it. These souls are unique, even their DNA is different. These are advanced souls that have come from across the galaxies and have spent time on more enlightened stars and planets. They are coming now to help humanity. I pray that they will be successful. Help them flourish! 

For more information and additional spiritual enlightenment visit the following LINKS:

Perhaps soon we will hear the interpretation of Amanda's recent dream of the dwarf Jsnip4, his wife, and the white snake in the back yard?  And of course we will hear more CRYPTO-PSYCHIC strategies and crypto currency prognostications too:

It will either be THETA TOKEN (THETA) or TRON (TRX) that creates the new internet and video platforms for the New World Order Global Blockchain System or NWOGBS.  The man of sin the son of perdition is near and so is God's strong delusion.  Even so, come Lord Jesus-the real Jesus:  

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