Sunday, March 11, 2018

Christian Right Wing Warrior Women Rising Up in the USA for Trump

******God's WARRIOR WOMEN step up for battle*****

Jesus himself started this WOMEN'S MOVEMENT called THE WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT (I just learned this recently)

Meet some of the rising WARRIOR WOMEN that are rising in America as the WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT takes shape:

Kaya Jones (former Pussycat Doll):

Kaya sings at Trump events and also performs in Muslim countries...she's a devout Christian and TWEETS regularly on TWITTER:

Anna Khait (former Survivor and Poker Player):

Anna Khait appears regularly now on the Hagmann Report...

Dana Loesch (former Liberal now Conservative):

Dana Loesch (NRA Spokeswoman) has been actively fighting against a large and adversarial aggressive group of enemies of America who want to take America's guns to make schools safer and make We the People guilty over owning guns:

Dana shows the truth about the SECOND AMENDMENT:

Shastina Sandman (California (R) Running for Congress):

Shastina Sandman also appears on the Hagmann Report:

This large group of CHRISTIAN WARRIOR WOMEN now that are pro-Trump, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution, and are sweeping the land as they engage in many forms of political activism to make America great again with President Trump:

Milo Yiannopoulos (yes he's a man yet...for now...)

I notice many of these gals like Milo Yiannopoulos the new gay right wing conservative activist that fights against the left and globalists.  He might be "the man after God's own heart."

Milo Yiannopoulos appears on INFOWARS as a fill in anchorman for Alex Jones now and is openly gay and married his black boyfriend in Hawaii:



  1. Do you think the AR-15 does anything to empower women? It seems to me that the AR-15 plays a crucial role in the women's empowerment movement. You think they'll be talking about that on CNN?

    1. I think you might be right because women love guns and there are loads of videos with BABES SHOOTING GUNS. They also like FULL AUTOMATIC RIFLES of all sorts including the AR-15, M4's, M-16's and so forth. They aren't much for the AK-47 as much. Dana Loesch from the NRA I believe is a competitive shooter and so are many others across America. This rising group of WARRIOR WOMEN may actually save us and put them in the leadership roles to protect us men as we stay home take care of the kids and lift weights in basement and cook too.

  2. ATF investigating Democratic candidate who sawed AR-15 apart -

    Empowering women, one felony at a time...

  3. How Russia empowers women -

  4. More women's empowerment, Russian style:

    1. That would be a good class to have in HIGH SCHOOL called "INTRO TO GUN CONTROL" or how to control your own gun. They could get familiar with the AR-15 that way and not become so gun phobic. But instead they want to raise a generation of activists to embrace the New World Order of chaos.

    2. We are raising a GUN IGNORANT SOCIETY that can't even control our own guns but the government will make laws taking them away. These other countries are ready to assault us at the appointed time. Sad.


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