Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bitcoin Ben and Jsnip4 Attempt to Pump LITECOIN and the LIGHTNING NETWORK



Bitcoin Ben and Jsnip4

The BIG LITECOIN PUMP to nowhere:

They are connected with Charlie Lee

This expert in crypto currencies "Bitcoin Ben" says he knows all about LITECOIN and the LIGHTNING NETWORK.  He also reveals that THE DIGITAL CURRENCY GROUP is led by Blythe Masters owns half of Coinbase.  And he also claims the NASDAQ and Wall Street are connected to Seed and Company.  He has a complex conspiracy theory explaining these crypto elites who are working this market somehow and he has all the answers and knows all the inside information with investors and more.

They think they have inside information and are connected with Charlie Lee.  Bitcoin Ben claims Charlie Lee was hooked into Google and then went to Coinbase.  After Coinbase Charlie Lee is now involved in Litecoin.  Bitcoin Ben knows all about it:

LTC to break down below $100 by thunderpreacher on


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