Saturday, February 10, 2018

TEEN VOGUE Magazine teaches anal sex,gay sex, and all manner of illicit sex

*****SELF LOVE and MORE****


Teaching 11 year olds ANAL SEX

LGBTQIAK, GENDER FLUIDITY, ALL MANNER OF SEX, and more perversion is happening everywhere...

THE NEXT GENERATION OF WICKED BEING GROOMED FOR MORE WICKEDNESS.  It's normal now to see this just about everywhere and they are teaching kids younger and younger how to be perverted.  GENERATION Z might be the last generation. I hope so. Even so, come Lord Jesus:


  1. First of all..who the hell would ever get their kid Teen Vogue? 2nd...Give them hell News Unit...the world is going to hell

  2. Parents are so freaking stupid these days, want to be their kid's friends not their parents...most parenets as immature as their kids

  3. that's pretty fuckin sad if you need a magazine to help you to learn how to tug on the ram rod or flick the bean....


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