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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Humans are Not From Earth

  • Earth is a "Prison Planet" (N.B. "INFOWARS")
  • The love and light of the Infinite Creator.
  • Book by Sean Martin "Humans Are Not From Earth"
  • Dr. Ellis Silver
  • human beings were brought to Earth by an alien civilization
  • Earth is a refuge for different human type species as an escape...
  • David Wilcock 
  • mind control
  • fear and strife and dark energy
  • evolution
  • DNA
  • the sun
  • humans originated where there was less sunlight
  • we are from a less sunny planet with less UV RADIATION
  • we are all chronically ill
  • humans suffer from bad backs

This is a bunch of strange workshops with shades of Clif High style teachings.  Seems to me that these truthers and patriots are hard at work deceiving and being deceived and they like to categorize themselves at times as "Christians" when it's convenient or customary.

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