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Friday, February 23, 2018

Governor Scott Makes Florida Safe Again From GUN ATTACKS


*****AGE 21 RESTRICTED*****


You get what you ask for and more

Florida Governor Rick Scott says Senator Bill Nelson is a career politician and has done nothing about guns.  We watched Bill Nelson tell us "the AR-15 is not for hunting, that's for killing."  

Possession of a gun before age 21 will be prohibited now in Florida.  GOOD!  This next generation is demonstrating that they are too stupid to control their own guns.  It's actually a sad state of affairs for America because now the government will control your guns.  

They should also raise the age for driving a car (which the media also calls a 'weapon of mass destruction') to 21.  And while you're at it just make the LEGAL ADULT AGE 21 (which may need to be extended to 30) because most people are not able to grow up and keep their heads down in their smart phones, tablets, playing their violent video games, sexting, and all manner of pathetic social media exploits.  

It's a sad day for America.  And it's just beginning now.  Expect more government for GENERATION Z.


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