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Friday, February 23, 2018

First we had the U.S. CONSTITUTION, then we needed the NRA, and now we're losing both of them

The NRA is losing members now...

Do we have to buy our rights anymore?

Some say we no longer have rights.  Only the right to remain silent.  We may well be better off remaining silent:

So many words and so many fools today:

There are so many NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS now that stand for us, our rights, and so forth.  Why?  Because we are a nation of business all in the name of politics and even religion.  It's not about living so-called "free" with freedom or the old cliche ", liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." but rather it is SERVANTS TO TRIBUTE.  

We fund CPAC and all other political action committees now and all manner of donations to charity and even now our public servants call us for donations because the tax money isn't enough.  The nation is going under and although it may appear to be slowly it is accelerating now.

Is is THE END.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:


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