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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Anti-American Activist David Hogg thanks CONSPIRACY THEORISTS for their advertising

*****The USA in DISTRESS with PERPLEXITY*****



Dan Rather is in awe and great admiration of this CHILDREN'S MOVEMENT:

"We are being led by our children..."
-Dan Rather

Is the USA on the verge of a REVOLUTION or CIVIL WAR over the Parkland, Florida shooting?

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School where Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 with an AR-15 remains well headlined by the mainstream media.  Along with continuous coverage of this news story town hall meetings were quickly coordinated with state representatives, the NRA, and even the President of the United States that took place in Florida and at the White House.  

There' something about this story now that will manufacture more activists, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, and will reinvent the entire system of government here in the USA and even invoking change of the underlying foundations of the U.S. CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS.

Some say a mob rule democracy and a new government is being created here and will transition into the New World Order.  Also various news coverage such as INFOWARS is being categorized as "conspiracy theorists" and is being both assaulted and thanked by these rising activists who are allowed to skip school to participate in rallies, speeches, and mainstream media interviews.

The nation is in distress with perplexity now.  There is no place found in the HOLY BIBLE (the scriptures) for this gentile nation.  This nation has however become a mixed multitude and is led by a transitional government by popular opinion polls, mainstream media, talk show hosts, and high school age activists that are being groomed for the next generation of politicians and political activists.

There is an agenda here even beyond MAKING AMERICA GUILTY OVER GUNS.  Some say this may be THE END of America:

Shooting survivor David Hogg (often appears with his FBI AGENT dad) are busy with the mainstream media on a regular basis.  He is a prominent activist now and is controverting claims that he is an actor.  He is calling out the NRA, alternative media, and conspiracy theorists and has already promised to attack the jobs of Americans if they don't follow this new mob rule democracy:

David Hogg is on his way to HARVARD for POLITICAL SCIENCE.  He is part of the NEXT GENERATION to change the world.  Dan Rather is excited about this next generation that will change the world and make it a better place:

An old history lesson of Peter Muhlenberg by Pastor Dan Fisher...

Check out Florida's rising youth programs and DeMolay:  Another NON-PROFIT:

Tomorrow's leaders today...and more...

The GMS Israelites are ready for battle:  They are out on the streets of the USA bashing all the races but their own.  These are the chosen ones who can lash out with all manner of verbal racist attacks and it's considered "free speech and expression" and probably even "freedom of religion."

Such freedoms are not awarded to others who are under different rules of engagement...

These men of YAHAWAH stand, preach, and racially provoke pedestrians on the corner and in the vicinity of N 3rd. St. and Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Sheriff Israel is being cross examined now by CNN:  He seems to not have good answers to why not only did the school resource officer "stand down" or "stand back" while Nikolas Cruz was actively shooting teachers and students; but it also is being reported that CORAL SPRINGS POLICE OFFICERS and BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES may have been instructed to STAND DOWN upon arrival to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School:

I wonder what Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin would have to say about this?  Sheriff Israel of Broward County, Florida has not even heard the police dispatch tapes yet?  And he's the sheriff?  

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