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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jsnip4 can spot the fakers: It takes one to know one

JSNIP4 wants to help out THE SGT REPORT


Lynette Zang needs to be corrected about CRYPTO CURRENCIES according to Jsnip4:

JSNIP4 now wants to help out Sean Turnbull on the SGT REPORT in an interview.  He clains this woman is not qualified to make her claims about CRYPTO CURRENCIES.  Why because he wants to defend his CRYPTO CURRENCIES:

No one really knows right now exactly what this mark is going to be concerning the beast in the scripture of truth.  Jsnip4 thinks he knows everything and as you can see here he's even at odds with the truthers who once he has actually run with.  Why is he doing this?  Because he has received the CRYPTO CURRENCIES to the point where they are making him wealthy and he has sold out to it. Jsnip4 is also of the psychic spirit and he has no interest in the truth of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. His opinions are his own final authority.

It is amazing though how he has left the truthers, patriots, and gold and silver and has embraced and now basically worships crypto currency pumping BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, and all manner of ICO COINS and CROWD FUNDING.  He's totally sold out and is only a TRUTH AND A PATRIOT when it benefits him:

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