Thursday, August 31, 2017

Houston and much of Texas destroyed by Hurricane Harvey and now THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA

TEXAS may need to enforce castle doman

*****SHOOT TO KILL*****

Evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse...

The ENEMIES OF AMERICA are doing more damage now in the wake of Hurricane and Tropical Strorm Harvey than even the storm itself can do.  The MAINSTREAM MEDIA and LAWLESS LOOTERS and THIEVES are demonstrating that we are in the midst of some real and present threats to the survival of the USA.  Attacks on President Trump continue in ways never before seen at any president which is continually amplified by the enormous amount of technology and social media that adds to the already exponentially growing chaos and confusion:

Can you believe that people were actually shooting at rescue boats because they weren't picking them up via water rescue fast enough?  Welcome to THE NEW NORMAL.

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