Friday, September 30, 2016





I have to agree now with this observation and other observations that come from certain men of understanding and wisdom.  We are at THE END OF AMERICA and this is really going to get ugly in our new and every expanding culture of chaos, confusion and every evil work.  

No doubt INFOWARS, NEXT NEWS NETWORK, and many other sources of both MAINSTREAM and ALTERNATIVE media will cover this but things are getting so out of hand and so numerous now that with the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF SOCIAL MEDIA and INTERNET BROADCASTING ABILITY it seems everything has moved into an EXTREME EXCESS OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  It is beyond comprehension and it is very real and certain that trouble is coming and now is.

The News UNIT is in SURVIVAL MODE and has been now for some time already.  I care not for the world for I have in heaven a better and an enduring substance.  I shall stand with the whole armour of God and having done all to stand as I am kept by the power of God ready to be revealed in due time.   For those of you who have done me mischief I say, "The LORD rebuke thee!"   The LORD will take care of you his way and I care not for what happens to you. I care for those in Christ Jesus who are my family and as for the threats coming upon us we shall deal with them as necessary.  

It's going to get ugly folks!  I discern that many devils are on the loose and they will do much destruction ahead.  If there's even an election this year I'll vote for Donald Trump and MY CONTINGENCY PLAN in Christ Jesus is already in effect.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:

Onward Christian soldiers!  I shall now strengthen myself in the LORD my God and Saviour Jesus Christ by the power of his Spirit.  BRING IT ON!


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