Saturday, April 30, 2016

America's Goose is Cooked

America is basically a dead nation now

America is eating its own entrails

Donald Trump really needs to be president and he will try to make America great again and in many ways he will probably do some real good for our nation.  But the fact is that America is on the broad road to destruction even though it may seem somewhat prosperous, entertaining, and a nation that is ever learning new things America is on the road to destruction and it's not going to turn back to acknowledge the truth in any way shape or form.  America and most Americans have embraced lies and deceit and have been given over to serve mammon or filthy lucre and these roots of evil have sprouted into a jungle of evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse.  

So where does America go from here?  It's like a Wildebeest being eaten alive by a Hyena.  Or it is also kind of like a Hyena eating its own entrails.  It's a very sad day and it's simply a nation of criminals now looking to survive any way they can while preying on each other continually:

Even if a THIRD PARTY rises in America it won't change the continuous corruption, collusion, and conspiracies in our land:

RAWDOGLETARD explains the state of America and the rising TOILET CONTROVERSY with our new LGBT CULTURE:

Michael Savage is still trying to endorse and encourage Donald Trump for president:

INVESTORS have just about given up on BANKS, WALL STREET, and anything related to the STOCK MARKET and have started to HOARD SILVER now in desperation over the current economic conditions:

Even the MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY has gone mad and CHRISTIANS in America are considered mental and dangerous threats:

Toddlers in America are tied up and treated like dogs.  Actually dogs are usually treated better because people always say "DOGS ARE PEOPLE TOO."

Donald Trump has to walk to his events due to protestors blocking traffic an the police in America do nothing against them:

Mexican illegals are protesting and ruining America and the enemies of America support this evil on a regular basis:

President Obama rejoices over the crime of Mexican illegals and other enemies of America while We the People are targeted for the right to keep and bear arms:

The elected representatives don't care about America and they just target We the People more and more.  They are interested in their own prosperity at the expense of the rest of us:

Perhaps God is about to roast America and even much of the North American Continent itself with a SUPER VOLCANO or some other major cataclysmic event of destruction:



  1. Two more 100oz's upon us!!!

    1. People are buying lots of silver now like crazy. I'll miss out because I cannot afford to participate in it. Although there are those that say it's useless and will be confiscated anyway. Ernie Varitimos said there's no need for gold and silver anymore.

  2. And Ernie is likely in jail.


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