Sunday, January 31, 2016

When Cowboys Stand for Freedom - Starring Robert "LaVoy" Finicum

*****More Harney County YOU TUBE PRODUCTIONS*****

It's time for a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE:

Starring Robert "LaVoy" Finicum

Who are all the liars today?  

ANSWER:  They are many:

Oddly enough he may still be alive...

The Shawna Cox Testimony:  Of course it's true.  You can trust everyone involved--right?

Who is Mark McConnel?

Here's a group of Pete Santilli activists:

Is this another Mormon battle cry for the Republic?  Listen to a song by LaVoy Finicum's daughter:

For those of you who think you know what's going on in Harney County...

Have you heard of the Bundy BLM Cave?

One Militia remains but they want out now...

LaVoy Finicum is still standing...

Blaine Cooper is regrouping for a COUNTER-ATTACK?  Will the Constitutional Militia rise up now?  Maybe Captain Cowboy Pete Santilli will lead the charge.  Some very strange YOU TUBE creations continue:

Deb Jordan continues to Rally the troops in Burns, Oregon to keep the Pete Santili spirit alive:

Deb Jordan is probably right that the community here is starting to solidify.  They are the next extension of HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS and will be a new community of videographers, cinematographers, production artists, and alternative media personalities.  It's the new America born out of YOU TUBE:

FEDERAL LAW is ABOVE THE LAW and they protect their own:


  1. holy cow that's a long post. I want to watch this video about Blaine Cooper but it's private. If this is true, then this whole thing will play out sort of like that old Indian legend I posted the other day.

    1. Well as you will see various YOU TUBE videos are being removed or taken private now for the privileged few. I wouldn't be concerned about it nevertheless as much of this is all deceptive news and journalism. And if I was the average let's call it "sight-seer" that was considering on travel to this region; I woudn't get anywhere near that county and perhaps not even inside the state line. It's a good place to avoid.

      It might be time to pay more attention to what's going on nearby in Yellowstone actually. Something really is about to blow.


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