Saturday, January 30, 2016

The ENEMIES OF AMERICA are working on Iowa to destroy We the People

Gabby Giffords,  "Let's work together to make Hillary our president."

The ENEMIES OF AMERICA are hard at work to destroy America

Will Iowa vote for Trump?  

Can you even imagine anyone believes these people?  It's amazing!

President Obama exalts the religion of Islam in America

You enemies of America love to have it so don't you?

The enemies of America both foreign and domestic are working hard today to destroy America:

Remember Hillary Clinton might appoint Barack Hussein Obama to head the U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.  Do you think Obama has your best interest in mind and that of the U.S. CONSTITUTION?  These oath of office violators are enemies of America and they even promote and desire fellowship with other enemies of America including the killer religion of Islam:

Bill Clinton hard at work to brainwash Iowa:

Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary Clinton and he's getting some good old fashioned religion mixed in with their cultural chaos and Constitutional hatred:

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