Saturday, January 30, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Dubuque, Iowa

America's president for making America great again:

Donald Trump met with another HUGE CROWD in Dubuque, Iowa:

The rumors abound and the hate campaign that is being constructed by the mainstream media and even the GOP PARTY is so sad today that it is truly a national embarrassment.  It seems the enemies of America would have many believe that the path to tyranny is much better than the return to the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the original foundations of this great nation.  Many shall fall for the ongoing assaults that are taking place against Donald J. Trump and we will now arrive at the CROSSROADS OF AMERICA unlike ever before.  The path now for America will be determined and there will be no turning back.  After this next election it is either the very true and certain end of the United States of America or it is a new approach to restoration of a long lost and decaying Constitutional Republic as originally intended:

What will you do as an American voter will determine our destiny as a nation unlike ever before. And no doubt the enemies of America are hard at work with their intentions to seek and destroy while even at times masquerading as We the People.  These are truly perilous times for America: 

The Iowa Caucus could destroy America

Iowa:  You have a decision that will demonstrate whether you are enemies of America or whether you are truly a group of We the People.  Your vote on Monday is something to be taken very seriously.

Here we have a man where there is no question that he can be president according to the U.S. CONSTITUTION regardless of how the gainsayers like to discredit him:

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