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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sam Walton and Walmart

 Of course this is only a CONSPIRACY THEORY right?

The beginning of this video is remarkable!  I don't think people realize the underground activity that's taking place.  There's another thing to remember and that is Sam's Club is also involved and has a major underground facility in Missouri that is absolutely mammoth:

The underground is a reality

These caves are all over the state of Missouri.  They are actually underground buildings.  If you don't think there is an underground interstate system across America you are probably not very up on today's industrial equipment that has been busy over the years with very large and diverse underground projects:


  1. if there are all these underground highways linking everything - then why is this truck driving on the surface - shouldn't he be sneaking around below our feet - i am sure there are large underground complexes - but the highway and train thing is stretching it and i will not believe it till i see proof - this is obviously a secure facility but there were no visible security personnel - its obviously a underground warehousing /storage facility - very interesting


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