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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Minnesota bow hunter pays $55,000 to kill illegally a protected Zimbabwe lion named Cecil


The usual GOTTA KILL SOMETHING mentality

Lion was worth at least $100,000 U.S. DOLLARS

Unethical hunt makes world headlines

HUNTER:  Dr. Walter J. Palmer; a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Palmer is known as an ELITE CLASS HUNTER

This is a strange story as this rich dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota reportedly traveled to Zimbabwe for his hunt to get a trophy lion.   Hey you gotta kill something right?  So in the story below it appears the hunt wasn't legal and the method of luring a certain animal was also in question.  There are now death threats out on the man who shot the lion and he's apparently in hiding.  At least he has his WALL HANGER TROPHY now and we hope he's happy:

UPDATE:  The unlawful lion killers will be under investigation now:



  1. One more example of the "rich" in America. Totally out of touch. This is not hunting, it's just being an ass.

    1. I wouldn't argue with your experience in the outdoors. :-) I always appreciate your respect for the outdoors and our natural resources. I leaned much from you.


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