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Friday, July 31, 2015

Greenspan warns of a BOND BUBBLE

We are on the verge of some real problems

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warns on the U.S. economy and has plenty of things that he responded to on CNBC regarding the present situation:



  1. just what the hell is greenspan smoking - he just said that bond rates were at the lowest point in millennia - just how old is this fucker and were bonds really being used by freddy fintstone - the man is loosing it

  2. if they raise rates - they will be slitting their own throats - it will destroy the 9 trillion dollar USD carry trade and anything interest rate related - the criminals love to borrow at a quarter point and get bake many times more - a interest rate raise would end all that and crash the housing industry - the only way they would ever raise rates to any meaningful level would be if they intended on crashing the economy - dont put it past them - i heard that the break point for the USA borrowing more money is 24 trillion - osama has been allowing the fed to continue printing and hiding same - at an accelerating rate - we could reach 24 trillion very very soon


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