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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Daniel Ameduri from the NIA said GOLD IS INSURANCE?

I didn't know he said this....GOLD is insurance?

Unfortunately because of my recent YOU TUBE restriction due to some unwanted participants who maliciously attacked a live hangout I can no longer do live hangouts on YOU TUBE.  I was looking forward to talking live with Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends and the National Inflation Association.  Perhaps he would have been able to better explain how GOLD is insurance.

Now that GOLD is going lower you're going to hear all sorts of things negative about it for the next decade at least.  In fact some analysts say GOLD may remain a deflating asset for even the next 50 years or more in regards to the new rising digital economy that is completely backed by central banks and policies that are being tailored to meet the needs of the new world high tech digital monetary system.  There's simply no need for GOLD anymore and the price should just keep on dropping.

I have to give credit to this SILVER GOLD MAN channel now for helping many of us out in our understanding of the metals sector and various scams that have been happening in regards to sales and holding the physical metals.  Silver Gold Man has exposed some unusual scams and even has exposed The News UNIT also on his reports:


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