Saturday, June 13, 2015

The next Madame President: Hillary Clinton

America loves Bill and Hillary 


Can you see the size of the crowd here folks?  Now who is going to be the next President of the United States of America?  I'm actually going to vote for Hillary and here's why:

UPDATE:  I changed my mind about voting for Hillary...more below....

  • The stock market DJIA will go to 50,000 without missing a beat and the economy will set out for major improvement one way or another. 
  • My money will be just fine in the scary system fear mongers dislike.
  • The guns and ammunition won't be confiscated and she will probably end up encouraging more women to conceal carry as responsible gun owners.  (you just watch)  Gun sales will soar.  UPDATE:  WRONG!  I WAS SO WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE AS THE CLINTON'S DO HAVE AN AGENDA TO DISARM AMERICA.  WHILE THE GOVERNMENT IS IN FAVOR OF ARMS TO SYRIA AND OTHER PLACES IT IS CLEAR THAT THEY WANT TO DISARM WE THE PEOPLE:  
  • Bill Clinton will get on the scene a bit as sort of a side show political consultant and he will essentially be serving in an unusual capacity as I guess First Lady?  He might have to consider transforming himself for 4 years and join up with Caitlyn Jenner.   It might be a good idea for him to find his feminine side.  Anyway now he can take over the school lunch programs and fly around giving speeches.  Maybe he can even fill in as White House Press Secretary during important briefings?  Time will tell:
  • The paves the way for Chelsea and others for president.
  • Together Bill and Hillary will actually allow for more transparency at the White House.
  • America loves Bill and Hillary.


She's right about this.  And there will be reform and it will likely benefit all:

A word about CHURCHES and Radical Fundamentalist Extremist Christians:

They will quit calling Obama the Antichrist, which he is not, and will probably call Hillary the Mother of Harlots and Abominations or some ridiculous and improperly used biblical reference.   But the pastors will fare well if they join up with the NON-PROFIT Sec. 501(c)3 club of churches and at least do their best to approach gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transgenders without discrimination.  There may even be some handsome benefits for America's pastors who handle themselves properly with American politics as even many pastors are easily bought and paid for today with all the growing MEGA-churches across America.

You will see more women pastors and probably even gender-friendly churches.  You will see a very large promotion of LOVE and NOT HATE towards gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transgenders.  For those who are called "STRAIGHT" there will be hell to pay unless you get right with this new god of unnatural sex and lust.  You think I'm wrong about this?  I know already by experience that I'm 100% right!