Monday, June 22, 2015

SILVER to go ON SALE SUB $10 for the next decade or more


SILVER heading for $10 soon

GOLD also falling out of favor; except with Texas U.S.A.

BULLION DEALERS expected to close down with lack of sales and oversupply

MINING COMPANIES prepare for strategic alternatives and possible bankruptcy

Some say the best trade right now is SILVER because it is heavily shorted and there is no reason for any long interest in the market given the oversupply and shrinking industrial demand.  Couple that with a waning COIN COLLECTING INDUSTRY that is becoming less and less attractive along with the annoying group of conspiracy theorists who are always trying to cause a din about hyperinflation and some kind of tragic economic collapse.   Even credible analysts are saying there may be no longer any safe haven interest in GOLD and SILVER in the new global economy and it may well turn out to be a sector heading for all time record low prices.  One analyst many of you know as The Apple Investor, Ernie Varitimos, was correct when he said,  "There's just no need for gold and silver anymore...and the price will continue to keep on dropping." 

Analysts are now shifting gears toward the S&P500 along with other U.S. EQUITY INDEXES as they are set to be accelerating much higher breaking new record highs again and again as the new world economy is indeed too big to fail and is ultimately expected to make some impressive progress.

Texas is stacking GOLD

For some reason Texas here in the U.S.A. wants their GOLD from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  I think Texas is making a big mistake as one Republican lawmaker is bragging that Texas is worth $1 BILLION in GOLD.  What he doesn't realize is the GOLD is valued in U.S. DOLLARS and Texas could ultimately lose their store of value.  It will be interesting to watch The Federal Reserve destroy Texas' store of value as some say Texas is getting too big for their britches in this matter and will ultimately end up with a depreciating and ultimately cankered asset: 

PANIC SELLING in GOLD to begin below $1140